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Childcare 0 - 4 years
Royal Kids Home offers various forms of childcare for children aged 0-4 years. The childcare is characterized by a safe and stimulating environment where children have the space to develop at their own pace.
Daycare 0 - 2 years
For infants, it is important to meet their basic needs: feeding, changing, rest, and attention. At Royal Kids Home, clear daily schedules are followed in the baby groups to provide the peace and structure that babies need. Babies are given the space and time to go through the day according to their own rhythm. The focus in the baby groups is on both care and stimulating development. The aim of having as many consistent childcare workers in the group as possible creates a safe and familiar environment where babies can grow and develop.
Daycare 2 - 4 years
Toddlers need a stimulating environment where they can practice motor skills, be invited to play together, and where language development is encouraged. The role of the childcare worker is to provide a safe and familiar environment in which toddlers are challenged and have fun. Toddlers follow a fixed daily routine with a mix of table moments, rest times, activities, and free play. Toddlers who still nap are given the opportunity to do so. Also, toddlers who are turning 4 years old are slowly prepared for the transition to primary education. If this transition takes place within the childcare center, a handover is made to the relevant school.


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