Pedagogical Policy
Royal Kids Home aims to provide quality childcare. How we provide responsible day care is outlined and described in our pedagogical policy. This policy is overarching for the entire organization Royal Kids Home. In addition, each location works with a work plan. We see the pedagogical policy and the work plans as the basis from which the pedagogical staff work. Additionally, it provides parents with information on the approach towards the children. The entire pedagogical policy can be read via the link below. The work plans per location are available on the branch pages.
Our important pedagogical principles
  • Love; love for each unique child is the basis from which we work. This love is based on the Christian vision. Royal Kids Home wants to offer children first and foremost a loving and secure place.
  • Trust; by making the child feel that he can be himself, he gets the feeling that the pedagogical staff trust him. This in turn contributes to the confidence the child gains in himself. With this self-confidence, a child dares to take further steps in development.
  • Stimulating development; the interaction and activities are aimed at stimulating development. Each child develops at their own pace and deserves the right guidance. Attention is paid to:
    • Emotional safety: when a child feels safe, they are open to play and learn.
    • Social competences: by learning social competences (communicating, collaborating, helping others, etc.), we give children the opportunity to develop into adults who can function well in society.
    • Personal competences: personality traits such as flexibility, creativity, self-confidence, independence, resilience, and problem-solving skills are developed through stimulation.
    • Transmission of norms and values: we offer children the opportunity to make the norms and values of society their own. Attention is also paid to Christian norms and values.

Pedagogical policy

Click here to download our educational policy plan.

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