Christelijke waarden
Christian values
At Royal Kids Home, everyone is welcome! Whatever your background or beliefs may be; everyone is special and receives the love and attention they deserve at Royal Kids Home. Within Royal Kids Home, we operate based on Christian norms and values, such as self-respect and respect for others, gratitude, forgiveness, and love. These values create a safe atmosphere within our locations, where your child is given the space to develop in a positive manner. Our pedagogical staff share these values and express them in a creative way in daily activities.
The pedagogical staff have a positive and accepting attitude towards the children. The activities are aimed at stimulating development, but also at giving the child a positive self-image and thus more self-confidence. In addition to the regular children's songs, the children also learn Christian songs. We teach the children gratitude: for the sun, the rain, but also for each other. During the table moment at mealtime, we thank God for the sandwiches. We work with themes such as friendship, nature, growth, and blooming. Of course, we pay attention to Christian holidays such as Easter and Christmas, but also to national holidays such as King's Day and St. Nicholas Day!
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