Het Louvre

Capelle aan den IJssel

Kindercentrum Het Louvre is a Christian childcare center, located in Capelle aan den IJssel in the Schollevaar district. Het Louvre stands for quality, fun, and safety for your child. We provide a stimulating environment and loving care, contributing to the personal development of your child. Every child is unique and valuable and deserves the best care and attention.
Many fun activities are done with the children. There is a snoezel room where children can relax and activate their senses. Snoezelen appeals to the senses, which is calming for babies and stimulating for toddlers. The Louvre forms an IKC together with the Christian primary school De Sjalomschool.
Practical information
Opening hours
Our regular opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 07:00 - 19:00.

2 groups of daycare

  • The Appeltjes, all-day care for children aged 0 - 4 years
  • The Steentjes, all-day care for children aged 1.5 - 4 years

2 toddler playgroups

  • Pré-school Saron, VE groep voor kinderen van 2 – 4 jaar

2 groups of after-school care (including pre-school care)

  • De Oase, voor kinderen van 4 – 7  jaar
  • De Nachtwacht, voor kinderen van 7 – 13 jaar
  • KDV 292712996
  • BSO 137596418

Location manager

Laurine Spek

Our address

Hermitage 46

2907 NB Capelle aan den IJssel

010 223 04 99


Get used

We believe it is important for a child to have the time to get used to being with us. This always happens in consultation with the parents. Ample time is taken for the first introduction and acclimatization. More information about the settling-in procedure can be found in our work plan.


At Royal Kids Home, themes are used (such as autumn or 'world tour'). These themes are compiled in consultation with the primary school in which the location is based. The theme varies per season and adds color and content to the activities done with the children. By introducing new themes regularly, variety, originality, and creativity are achieved within the childcare centers. This provides the children with new materials and activities, expanding their 'world'. The aim is to stimulate all areas of development through the activities.
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