Vertrouwde medewerkers
Trusted employees
Every day a familiar face is important for children, it feels safe and familiar. That is why we work with fixed pedagogical staff in the groups. Our pedagogical staff are professional professionals. All pedagogical staff working at Royal Kids Home have at least a relevant completed MBO education according to the CAO Childcare. They have knowledge in the areas of caring, guiding, and stimulating the development of children, in every aspect of their development. Furthermore, they create a homely, safe, and familiar atmosphere for the entire group and for each child individually.
In addition to the permanent staff, we work with substitute workers. Substitute workers are deployed in case of illness or vacation of the permanent staff. The same educational requirements are imposed on substitute workers as on permanent staff. Where possible, we work with the same substitutes at the location, so that they become familiar faces for the children and are experienced as equally familiar and safe by the children as the permanent staff.
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