Double check childcare allowance data
Royal Kids Home participates in the double check of childcare allowance data. This means the following. Do you receive childcare allowance? Then we will do a double check for you with the Tax Authorities/Allowances. This is how it works:
  • As a parent, you apply for childcare allowance yourself.
  • Every month, we inform the Tax and Customs Administration/Allowances about how much childcare you have used. This is called 'data delivery'.
  • Are there any noticeable differences? Then you may receive a message from the Tax and Customs Administration/Allowances.
  • You can adjust your data yourself if necessary.
  • As a result, the chance of having to repay (a lot of) allowance later is smaller.

Tip: also regularly check whether your allowance data is still correct yourself. You can do this at or use the childcare allowance app from the Tax and Customs Administration/Allowances.

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