Child center
Our locations are all part of a child center. This involves an intensive collaboration between education and childcare. In collaboration with PCPO Capelle aan den IJssel and Krimpen aan den IJssel and PCPO Krimpenerwaard, we aim for more and more integrated child centers, involving youth care as well. We want to merge the living environments in which children grow up as much as possible by bringing everything together in one place. This means that all forms of childcare (childcare, toddler groups (VE), and before, between, and after-school care), education, and care are under one roof. Within these walls, we want to create a development environment where every child counts, participates, and learns.
The majority of our locations form an integral child center with a school of the Foundation Protestant Christian Primary Education Capelle and Krimpen aan den IJssel. Together with this school foundation, we work from the same core values and vision on how children learn and develop. In addition, the Christian vision is the foundation and guiding principle for choices and practices in the day-to-day operations. We seek collaboration with various care partners, such as the various experts within education and the Center for Youth and Family.
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