Parent committees
Royal Kids Home has active parent committees (PCs). At least three times a year, the PC meets with the location manager. During this meeting, current developments within the child care centers are discussed and there is time for any questions. Furthermore, Royal Kids Home regularly presents issues for which advice from the PC is desired or required.

Activities of the parent committees

The OC's regularly organize a satisfaction survey among all parents. The results are discussed with the location manager and the management team. Furthermore, the OC's arrange a nice gift for all pedagogical staff on the occasion of the day of the caregiver.

More information?

The Childcare Act gives parents the right to influence childcare on important policy issues. If you want to discuss and make decisions with us, sign up for the voluntary role of parent committee member. Parent committee members discuss, among other things, the pedagogical policy, the price of childcare, adjusting opening hours, organizing the Day of the Caregiver, redesigning the outdoor play area, the interaction of childcare workers with parents, and how complaints are handled by the organization. Want to know more or sign up to join the parent committee? Contact the location manager of your site.

The contact information of the parent committees

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